How long should it take to sell my home in Brampton?

This Question Pops up almost automatically when you have decide to sell your home. Now technically speaking there are a lot of reasons or factors which might influence the number of days it would take to sell your home especially in Brampton, Ontario. You might have seen various advertisements claiming to sell your home in certain number of days, While as Matter of FACT the fine print is where all the major drawbacks of such warranties or guaranties are hidden. A prudent Seller would read and understand all such conditions and ask a number or questions before signing up with any such Real Estate Agent making such claims. 

Today I will limit this discussion to 10 such things which can increase the odds and number of days of selling your home in Brampton. You are most welcome to suggest your own in the comments section.

  1. The Market Condition: The market condition refers to whether it is favorable for Sellers or Buyers, in other terms are there many homes available for sale in your neighbourhood or you are the only one selling? A Sellers market(Fewer homes for sale and more Buyers) would help in making a quick sale and for most bucks.
  2. Your Motivation: This could be the single most important factor which can help you in deciding whether to take that offer or to wait for more buyers. The time frame of your move is very important and whether you want to or have to sell in order for you to move. Also your financial financial situation can dictate your time frame, meaning if you need the money from this house in order to close on your next property your motivation would be higher.
  3. Your Home Condition: Definitely a home which is well kept and upgraded would be a better choice for anybody when they are looking to buy. This in turn helps such homes to sell quickly and with more money. A fixer upper would make buyers think many times before one of them brings an offer.
  4. Home Staging: While somewhat related to above topic, still needs special mention that homes that are staged well also shows well. Home staging has come a long way from the past. Just de-cluttering the home and changing some bulbs has morphed into painting the whole house, bringing in new furniture to suit the layout of the home, putting up paintings, new lights, landscaping and many more things to make your home look more attractive to the buyers and get more money in terms of offers.
  5. Efforts of Your Agent: How hard your agent works to properly market your home and keep you updated about what's happening in the market. Every agent has their own networks of people and marketing systems including  website portals, newspaper advertising, open houses, door knocking campaigns, flyer distribution, real estate magazines, Social media and many more. Your agent's work also involves guiding you and providing professional advice at every step of the way.

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