How to Hire an Agent for Selling your Brampton Home?

People have different reasons for selling their Home and moving to another Place. Most people like to Hire a Professional Agent for Selling their Home unless they want to sell themselves and have a plenty of time and money on their disposal to take them through the selling process. So now the question arises how to select a Professional agent who could get the job done and get your home sold? Here's some questions to ask if you are interviewing some agents.

  1. Does the Agent work Full Time?  While most professional agents work Full Time, about one-third of total agents under Toronto Real Estate Board are part time. Being part time is certainly not a bad thing but a Full time agent would be able to dedicate more time and efforts and would be available more readily for Showings or Offer presentations.
  2. Does the Agent Know your Neighborhood? The Real Estate License an Agent gets in Ontario after passing all courses makes them eligible to provide services to sell and buy real estate in whole Ontario. Obviously this would not mean they know all the neighborhoods in Ontario and are familiar with those markets. A Local Agent would be able to discuss the local market trends and market conditions with you for selling your home.
  3. Is the Agent Passive or Active?  All agents are not made equal, there are two types, Active and Passive. Passive agents list your home on the local MLS and wait for a Buyer to show up, Active agents on the other hand go out and find that perfect Buyer for your home. Active agents do different things such as Door knockings, Calling campaigns around the listing. They meet with people and tell them about your Home that is for sale. All the advertising and exposure is added Bonus that you get.
  4. How much is the Commission?   In Ontario the commission for Selling your Home is fully negotiable and can not be same for everybody, because every Home is unique and further every person's requirements are not the same. Commission should be mutually agreed upon by the Seller and his agent.
  5. How much time it would take to sell my home?  Since every Home is different and the Sale of a Home depends upon certain factors, nobody can pinpoint with 100% accuracy how much time it could take to sell your Home. But yes there are some situations where we can predict the approximate time to sell a home and again how motivated you are to Sell your Home and move would also determine how quickly you are able to sell.

These are only some of the question you can ask your future agent for selling your home, so if you need further information about how we sell houses in Brampton feel free to email me at or give me a call at 416-220-6000.

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