Why should you Buy your Dream Home in Fall?

Fall season : This is the time of the year when it starts getting cold and air is filled with anticipation of upcoming holiday season. Most people and children get settled in the regular routine of schools. Most work places start gearing up for the increased work loads before the holidays and the shopping sprees. While many people may want to move to a new place before the start of school year, there are still serious buyers out there who have to move due to their situations or they understand the many benefits of moving this time of the year.

Pros of buying in fall? What could be some of the benefits of buying in fall season? 

  1. Motivated Sellers: A lot of people think that the best time to sell a home is in spring or summer and that means people who are selling now in fall market are very motivated and this can be an opportunity for a potential Buyer.
  2. Decent pricing: Fall market is a totally different kind when compared to Spring or Summer, meaning the listing prices are more realistic and reflect close to actual market values. And again you as a Buyer are less likely to be confronted by multiple offers and less likely to overpay for the Home you like.
  3. Quality Homes: Most homes that come up for sale in fall market are nicely maintained and show well to be able to sell and this translates less issues and problems for your new home. So this might be the time for you to find your dream home.
  4. Less Choice: When we have more Homes in market and more choice to select from but less time to decide, it makes it really hard and often results in Buyers remorse later on. Fall is the time when less homes come up for sale and stay little longer in the market so you that small bit of extra time to decide.

Cons of buying in fall? Now that we have seen some benefits, what issues can we think of if we Buy in Fall?

  1. School Year: As most schools here in Peel, Ontario start off in September after the summer holidays, it makes hard for the kids if their parents decide to move and they have to change schools because of that. And remember in cases where you are moving in the same general area, you can request the principal of your kid's school to let him stay in same school.
  2. Cold weather: Cold weather can be turn off while going on showings, visiting open houses or moving itself. The various weather effects at this time of year such as chilling winds, rain or even snow storms can cause you to rethink timing of your move.
  3. Holiday season: Approaching holidays can be in between the time you have the closing of your home. be very careful when planning parties or vacations if you are also moving to your home around the same time.

Conclusion: When deciding to buy your next home or your first home during the fall season make sure to consult an experienced realtor about the market conditions in your desired neighborhoods and whether Buying at this time can be beneficial to you in that neighbourhood.

To find your Dream Home head over to this link Dream Home Search, here you find all the homes on the Toronto MLS Board. 

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