How To Treat Your Home to a January Health Kick

Your house is an extension of you, so give it a reboot this month to ensure that it’s fit, happy and ready for the year ahead

January 11, 2016
After the overconsumption of the holidays comes the quiet reflection of January. A new year prompts many of us to adopt a healthier regime to wipe the slate clean and set us on the road to a fitter life. But how about extending the health kick to your home too?

From a deep cleanse to a weight-loss plan (decluttering), here’s how you can help your pad lose the Christmas bloat and get ready for spring. A healthy home environment will give back too, supporting you so you can achieve your January goals more easily.

Cut down on sweets. In human terms, this could be chocolate, cake or wine. In domestic terms, we’re talking cute objects that take up valuable space. That means editing children’s teddy bears and toys, losing a holiday souvenir or whimsical knickknack here and there, and ditching items you cling to because they were gifts even though they’re not your style.

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