Should an Agent Buy a property if he can't sell it in 30 days


Happy Holidays to all, New year is starting and a lot people they are searching on-line for an agent to sell their property. As most of the people they know that i have a website called which pretty much explains that i promise to sell properties in 30 Days, and in order for me to sell in 30 days there are lot of steps required.. so i divided my marketing plan into 3 phases..1st..Before the listing the house, 2nd.During the listing contract and 3Rd after making a firm sale of the house to the closing and beyond i always on consistent basis I'm always connected to my clients. Even after closing i ask people how did u felt about my services..was there anything that i need to improve, even after 9 years in the business i feel that i need to learn every day to server my clients.

OK let me explain why im writing this blog.. as i mentioned earlier in this blog that alot of people they are searching in this holiday season to list there Home.. so recently i got few calls from people and they asked me the same question that would i buy there Home if i dont sell it in 30 days.. and i told them that, that's a gimmick itself, think of a second that how can an agent buy a house, and how many he can buy, his job is to sell not to buy homes by himself.. the mortgage rules are so tough to get a mortgage on a 2nd house... how an agent can buy a houses which he is trying to sell, His contract is to sell not to buy, if some one is advertising that he can buy a House after 30 days..You need to find out more info about his marketing plan.. actually it's start from gimmick itself.. Normally what i have heard from people is that an agent who is advertising these kind of things they offer so ridiculously low offer after 30 days, that you might not even think to sell your House after hearing there offer.

(Always interview few agents before you make a decision and Ask for recent sales and referrals, Pick an agent based on his professionalism not on his desperations)

What i offer is, it's very simple and straight forward.. i will tell you upfront after my listing presentation that how long it can take your house to sell.. and what i offer is No Listings side commission if i don't sell in 30 days.. very simple No gimmick, No catch in there.. All you have to do is when you are ready to sell call me and i will explain the whole 30 days selling process..

co operating brokerage side commission will still be applicable after 30 days..

So when i give 30 Days guarantee.. that puts alot of pressure on me to sell your House as quickly as possible.

Call me and i'll be more than Happy to give you the references of those of my clients who just recently trusted us to sell their House.

I Look forward to serve you.

Asif Shahzad (salesperson) 

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