The CENTURY 21® System objective is to sell your home at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. Highlighting the features of your home is very important if you want to sell close to your asking price
and as quickly as possible.

Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale. This guide will help you highlight your home’s best features in ways that appeal to your prospective home buyers’ senses and emotions. It includes great
interior-design ideas and home-improvement tips. Staged homes are perceived as comfortable, attractive and well cared for, and have been proven to sell faster and for more money. 


The outdoors “CURB” APPEAL The way your home looks from the street can make or break the sale. A large percentage of home buyers decide whether or not to look inside a house based on its curb appeal. The good news is that you can help the situation by spending some time freshening up its exterior appearance for a great first impression. The best way to get started is by viewing your property from the home buyer’s perspective. Ask yourself what is your first impression of the home front, what are the best and worst features and how can you enhance, improve or minimize them?


ATTENTION TO THE HARD SURFACES Make sure the sidewalk and front walkway are free of debris. If necessary, give it a clean sweep and remove weeds that may be growing between cracks. Remove grease or oil spots and fill cracks in your driveway.


LANDSCAPE PARADISE! OR NOT? There are times that adding elements to your landscaping can help curb appeal, but there are also times when removing something is more effective. Keep the grass mowed and the weeds pulled. Trim trees and bushes. Plant flowers to add a touch of color.

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