5 Tips For Showing Your Home During Winter Months

Winter time isn't typically the most popular season for home sales, but real estate sales still remain quite active in the colder months. Follow these five simple tips to make your property show at its best for those all importnant winter home buyer viewings.

Keep Pathways Clear

First impressions are everything, and snow and ice are dangerous hazards. Shovel sidewalks, your driveway and front steps and de-ice them. Ensure that pathways to your home are cleared and well lit. Think safety first!

Schedule Showings For Daylight Hours

Winter daylight hours offer less time for taking advantage of natural light. If you can't schedule showings during daylight hours, brighten your home with interior lighting. Remember that bright winter sunlight can draw attention to dirty windows, so be sure to keep them clean.

Think 'Cozy'

Turn up the thermostat during showings so visitors will feel the warmth of your home. Create ambience by using features such as: gas fireplaces and wood stoves. Accent your home with soft throws, duvets and pillows. The use of candles is typically not recommended especially if you are away from your home over a period of several hours. Play low, soothing music such as jazz or classical and of course Christmas music is always a good idea in December!

Use Natural Scents

Avoid scenting your home with products with a chemical odor, such as artificial room fresheners and cleaning solutions. Air out your home and clean or dispose of odor causing rugs and other fabrics. Employ natural fragrances that feed the imagination and appetite. Examples include: freshly baked bread, cookies, cinnamon, apple pie and vanilla.

Ask Visitors To Your Home To Remove Footwear

Showing pride in how your home presents itself to potential buyers suggest to them that it is a clean and properly maintained residence. There's defintely something to be said for having "pride in ownership" especially to those buyers with a very discerning eye!


Warm Regards,

Jason Neumann

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