Bridging The Gap Between Kelowna Wilden Communities

Upper Canyon Road a new stretch of road in Kelowna has been completed and it didn't cost taxpayers a penny.

Work on the project began more than a year ago which now connects two Wilden projects in the Clifton Road area as well as improves the city’s water-servicing and power capacity, officially opened to traffic.

The new road connects two separate Wilden communities as well as the Kelowna neighbourhoods of Glenmore Highlands and Magic Estates.

The cost of the 2.3 km section of road was approximately $10 million and was funded entirely by Wilden.

“This new road creates a significant traffic improvement to the city’s current network,” said Russ Foster, project manager. 

“It should benefit those outside of Wilden just as much as those who live inside.”

Personally, I can personally atest to the reduced drive times as I often visit a relative that lives in nearby Magic Estates which now takes me at least 10-15 minutes less time to get to their home each way.

Map of new Upper Canyon Drive:


Jason Neumann

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