Dean's top 10 Tips and Truths about Buying Real Estate

How many times have I been asked "how is the market" and I am willing and ready to tell them the exact answer!  While many people are just asking to be polite, there are a few who do want to learn the tricks and truths when it comes to buying and selling homes.

Here is a quick list of my top 10 tips and truths when it comes to purchasing a home:

  1. All Mistakes in Real Estate start with a purchase -  utilize the tools and professionals that are available to help you make a wise purchase; from the mortgage broker all the way to the inspector.
  2. It’s OK to fall in love with a home! - however don't let emotion overlook the flaws of a home either.
  3. If your heart is not in it, don’t put your wallet there!
  4. View as many properties as you want - sometimes it only takes one look to find the home that you will buy, your Real Estate professional is there to help.
  5. Photography is meaningless - While it is nice to look at pretty pictures on the internet, not all photography shows the true colors of a home, take the time to visit homes based upon your individual criteria.
  6. You can say “no” at any time during the contract process
  7. Make choices based on facts
  8. Every home has something “important” wrong with it - You need to decide what you can or cannot live with
  9. Realtors help you choose a home,  not find a home- (pssst! It is a little know fact that we've hidden them all on MLS and they are all there for you to view)  as Realtors, we have viewed recent homes that have sold as well as the active listings, so we know the real value of homes in the area.
  10. Finding a home is a process of elimination - begin your home search by creating a list of features that you want in your future home

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