Dean’s top 10 tips and truths about Selling

This year, I have been fortunate to sell about 40% of the listings that I have taken.  That means, 4 out of 10 times when I list a clients home for sale, I end the relationship with a sale.  In my local area, less than 1 in 10 homes sell on a monthly/yearly basis

Now, I am not a prolific "lister",  I don't run self promotion ads that attract public calls and I generally "work by referral" .  I use my marketing plan and experience to benefit my clients. Isn't this why you hire a Real Estate Agent?

Generally, I pride myself on giving advice. I have hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques to help you sell your home or property faster.

Here is my most recent top ten list for you to consider.
  • Your home is worth 10% less than you think… right now in today's market - Yes, it's sad but probably true. For some of you, it may be worse than this.  Buyers are the real pricing experts and if they are working with a clever full time agent, I think they probably know the market better than anyone else (agent or not).  Before you sell, go looking at a home to buy. Consider placing an offer on property and then ask yourself - if this one looks over priced then my perceptions of my own property is more than likely the same.

  • When your neighbours make an offer to purchase your home, then their opinion matters -I can't tell you how many people over price their home and say, "what will the neighbour's say if we list too low". Arggh!

  • If you need to sell, then sell! If you want to list, don’t bother… you are cleaning your house for strangers - If you are not prepared to adjust your price when you list your home in today's market.  Don't waste your time.  It's a buyers market and prices adjustments (up or down) are need to target in and motivate buyers in your area.

  • Make choices based on facts - When you price your home used the data and make a calculation. When you make a price reduction do the same.  Look at the listing reports, graphs and data supplied to you by your Realtor.  This information is factual and should be targeted to you home, style, feature set and location.  Get data - think about it - make choice. Simple as that.

  • is the bomb - Yup, is the best marketing tool.  Now, it's not just as simple as listing your home in the website.  Due diligence, scripts, photos, broker, agent and the entire listing needs to be taken and valued in context.  All agents use yet not all agents have the same sales ratios or productivity. Go figure!

  • Photography counts but not like you think - Good photography is important.  Great photography could spell disaster. If your house is old, stinky and needs renovation, make sure the photos reflect this.  If people arrive at your property and expect a peach and finding a prune; it will be a complete waste of time.  At the same time, nothing says "not worth the money" like poor photographs. Photography should highlight important features of the home and be of "good" exposure, clarity and focus.  Anything more is theatrical and anything less is just substandard and will lose buyers.

  • Staging Works - If you are thinking that staging could help you sell faster and possibly for more money, you are correct. I can set this up for you and I will pay for the consultation (which means I really think it works).

  • If all things are equal, price is what really matters - If you have poor photos, poor wording, poor marketing then by all means, lower the price.  This might be the only way to attract a buyer.  On the other hand, if you have done everything "right" and it's a great listing and the marketing has been excellent and the data and feedback are in line. Well, you need to think about your price.

  • If you need to sell, move out (in your mind) now! - 
    One of the features of a staging consultation is that you will de-personalize your house. Envision living in a different home and it is easier to sell you home when an offer does materialize.

  • Your AGENT is more important than all other factors - Contrary to what real estate member boards and real estate associations would have you believe, all real estate agents are not created equal.  The fact is, some agents just seem to get better results than others.  And, it's not always the folks with the large newspaper advertisements and those who would send out direct mail by the truck load.  Marketing is cheap in the real estate world.

Still looking for a Realtor?  Here are the best questions to ask. 

  1. Of the listings you take, what percentage do you actually sell? (this will tell you how much they focus on service and marketing that really works) 
  2. What sale price versus list price do you get for your clients? How does that compare to other agents in your area. (this will tell you if they are a tough negotiator)
  3. Show me your marketing plan!
If you are considering selling in this market, consider these trick and tools.  As always, I am available to answer any of your Real Estate questions!

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