Easter Seals & Century 21 Making a Difference

We received this letter from a family who benefits from our ongoing fundraising for Easter Seals - an awesome charity that sends deserving kids to Camp Winfield every year.  Our Century 21 team is gearing up for the annual 24 Hour Relay where we are consistantly the top fund raising team for Easter Seals and the Okanagan Boys & Girls Club:

"We would like to thank the teams that participate in the 24 Hour Relay, because of their support our son is able to go to camp. Our son's name is Mitchell and he is a 16 year old boy who has autism. Mitchell has a hard time telling us what he likes about camp but we know that he loves going because as soon as we get a new calendar, he writes Easter Seals Camp on the July page. This will be the 4th year that Mitch will go to Camp Winfield with his PSW, Doug. A PSW is a personal support worker, Mitch needs to have someone with him at all times to keep him safe and help him to participate in camp activities. Doug tells us what Mitch has done at camp and how much fun he has. Having the opportunity for Mitch to go to camp is not just a great experience for him, but it is also good for his family. Having Mitch at camp for a week allows us, his parents to spend quality time with Mitchell's older brother, Jordan. Knowing that Mitch is safe and having fun, we are able to do things that regular families do all the time without having to constantly be on alert. We can focus our attention on Jordan and do simple things like relax on the beach or go golfing. Mitchell likes the fact that camp is just for him and he reminds us of that fact every year when he arrives at camp and says, "no moms and dads". When he is at camp he likes to go on the big swing, the climbing wall and the trampoline. He also likes swimming in the lake, doing crafts and eating fries. Easter Seals Camp is a great experience for Mitch and his family. Thanks so much for getting involved with this fundraiser and helping to send kids to camp. We will try to come down to the Apple Bowl and run some laps to show our support of this great event."

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