Finally - A Good Time to Invest in Real Estate in Kelowna

It's been a long time since the conditions have been as ideal for investing in real estate in Kelowna as they are now.  Prices and interest rates are low while rental rates and demand for good rental units remain high.  If you've always thought of investing in residential real estate but you thought the time would never be "right" in Kelowna, now may be the time to start looking.  You don't have to pack a bunch of illegal suites into a rental property or pack twice as many students into a house than the number of bedrooms just to make the numbers work on a property.  If you're patient in choosing a property and "jump" when the right property comes along, it's becoming more common to find good rental properties with returns that more than cover the monthly costs.  This creates an excellent long-term investment scenario; with an initial input of 20% and a tenant paying the mortgage payments and expenses, you will see your investment paid off in 25 years or sooner - not to mention increases in market prices over the period of time.  With a careful property choice and some work to manage the property over the long run, and relatively small initial investment could have a big payoff in the long run.  Call Grant Wiebe at 250-869-2279 to get your property search started. 

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