Get connected and you will succeed

Driving around got you down?


Great homes at great prices are bought and sold everyday.  Before you buy or sell your next home consider...

 Facts you need to know

  • Recent sales prices of similar homes in your neighborhood
  • The condition and features of homes when they sold
  • What homes are competition and can you get one at a better price?
  • What outlook does this area have for future value?
  • City zoning, bylaws and utility issues that will make or break your investment

Strategy you need

  • How do you buy for the best price?
  • How do you sell for the best price?
  • What IS the best price?
  • How can terms, subjects and conditions protect you as a Buyer or Seller?

Service you deserve

  • 100% satisfaction- My service is low key, zero ego and zero pressure
  • Plain old fashioned hard work delivered with all of today's technology
  • My buyer clients have made some of the smartest purchases on record
  • My selling skills have produced 97.43% of asking price since January 2009


If you have questions about buying or selling real estate in Kelowna, a confidential and private meeting with me is always complimentary!


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