Get the (Garden) Party Started

Spring is in the air, even if it hasn't thawed the ground yet. It's time to start planning your yard work to make sure that blooms are timely and the patio is prepped for hosting.

Start your seeds, indoors

Decide what you want to adorn your yard with this summer. Whether it's edible or decorative, buy your seeds and get them started on a window sill. When the sun finally emerges, your garden will be ready to plant.

Lawn still white? Focus on hosting ideas

Does your deck furniture need an update or are you looking to install a fire pit? Start looking into the supplies and accents you'll need to be ready to pounce on the first day of patio season.

Upgrade your lighting while it's still dark

The days aren't summer-length yet, so use this season to see which parts of your yard need more light. Patio lanterns, rope lights, or flood lights can brighten spring evening parties until the summer sun returns.

Pressure wash your patio

Winter leaves its mark on Canadian decks between salt, ice, and gravel. Enjoy watching your deck transform back to its summer glory under the water pressure. Also, check for any damaged sections so they can be replaced before your first hosting event.

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