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How should homeowners budget for new kitchen cabinets or to replace that old garage door? Want to research energy-efficient replacement windows? Need to unclog a toilet, but don't have a plunger? Now there's one place where they can find out all this and more!

Pillar To Post is pleased to sponsor Living With My Home, a website devoted to the practical aspects of homeownership. Visit to access loads of valuable information about your home, including:


Know Your Home 101 and 201

Learn here about the basics of a home's exterior components, interior items such as lighting and flooring, structural components, safety information, and how electrical, heating, and cooling systems work. An educated homeowner is more likely to keep their home in top shape and keep up with ongoing maintenance requirements.



Research dozens of topics they might want to tackle themselves, from easy energy savings tips to handy seasonal maintenance checklists. This is also the place to find great ideas on how to make the yard and garden the perfect place for their family.


Repair and Remodel Estimates

One of the site's most popular features, this useful tool provides cost ranges to upgrade or replace major systems and components in a typical home. It also contains general guidelines for the life expectancies of various items. There's even a downloadable version for easy reference.


Household Safety

Keep your home and family safe. Homeowners can learn how to choose and install a lockset, use a fire extinguisher, and about steps they can take to prevent common household accidents.

As North America's leading home inspection company, providing information to help your clients live better in their homes is what we do best. We welcome you and your clients to explore the site and hope you find it useful, fun, and most of all, that the home is enjoyed even more as a result.






  • The Pillar To Post Inspection Report is generated on site at the completion of the inspection, so your client won't have to wait for the results.
  • All Pillar To Post inspectors carry E&O insurance to protect you, the referring agent.
  • As North America's leading home inspection company, Pillar To Post is committed to providing the highest quality service to real estate professionals and their clients.


For more information about home inspection or to schedule a home inspection, click here to find your local Pillar To Post office.


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