Home Inspections – What Home Buyers Need to Know

Whenever I discuss home inspections with Buyers I always stress that home inspections are like going to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic; Home Inspectors are generalists, they have a broad base of knowledge, but they are not specialists.  It is also important for Buyers to understand all homes, even brand new homes will have deficiencies.

The take home message for Buyers is that when are “issues” that are discovered in a home inspection, Realtors should ensure that their clients are directed toward professionals (plumbers, engineers, roofers, ect…) who are in the best position to assess the magnitude of the problem and provide a realistic cost of repair.

I also think it is important that the Buyer chooses the home inspector themselves.  It is important that the inspector is completely independant from the Realtor. The inspectors job is to point out deficiencies for the Buyer--not to protect the sale for the Realtor.  When the Realtor choses the inspector--calls and essentially hires the inspector on behalf of the Buyer, the lines of fiduciary responsiblily (who is the inspector working for??) can be blurred, and a conflict of interest can unknowingly arise.

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