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Did you know that the 3rd leading cause of emergency visits & hospitalization among children and youth are caused by accidents? * It is unsettling to imagine that many of these accidents can occur in the home. There are potential hazards that exist that you may have not thought about; protect yourself and your family with these simple home safety tips.


Safety tips:

  • Do you have an emergency response plan which includes evacuation route and meeting place? Residential fires can spread quickly. Make sure you have a working fire alarm (check the batteries seasonally) Plan and create an home escape plan and practice it annually.  
  • Have your furnace serviced and inspected each year. Install carbon monoxide detectors and test them regularly.
  • Keep a first aid kit fully stocked and make sure everyone knows where to find it in case of an emergency.
  • Have a list of emergency numbers handy near the phone and ensure that young children know how to call 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Heavy furniture? make certain they are securely fastened to the wall.
  • Storage of potentially dangerous items such as tools, pesticides, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and medication; are these properly stored?
  • Portable space heaters- keep them away from flammable objects like curtains, bedding and papers.
  • Toys, make certain age appropriate toys are available for your children.  Keep small items such as batteries in watches and remotes away from toddlers. Check for recalls on toys, electronics and furniture.   For more information on product recalls visit the healthy Canadians website.

Take the time to educate your family about the dangers that can be found in and around your home.

Visit these sites for more tips and information on how to prevent accidental injuries and how to keep your kids safe.




* source CHIRRP

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