How to facilitate a quick Home Sale


So you have decided to sell your house, and you have already contacted your Real Estate agent of choice. (You have our phone number right?)

Next, there are a few things that you can do as homeowner to get your house ready to be presented to prospective buyers.

- De-clutter your home! Get rid of all unnecessary items and knickknacks. Clean off everything on your kitchen counters. Open all cupboards and only leave the essentials. And this goes for every room in your house, including your garage. Over filled cupboards will be interpreted by buyers as the house having insufficient storage space.

- De-personalize your house by taking down all personal photographs and heirlooms. You want the buyers to imagine what the house would look like with their photos. Yours just get in the way of that process. You don’t want buyers to wonder who is living in the house, you want them to think that they can live in this house!

- Any items that are affixed to the house that you would like to keep, like window coverings and chandeliers, should be taken down and stored somewhere away from the house. If buyers don’t see those items, then they won’t covet them either. Just make sure to replace those items before your house is shown, it will be hard to explain those loose wires hanging of the ceiling.

- If there are any repairs that have to be made, get them done. There is no need for buyers to be bothered with leaky faucets, burned out light bulbs and little holes in the walls. Cleaning dirty grout in the kitchen and bathrooms will do wonders. Also, it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to any room in the house.

- Clean the house. Make it sparkle by cleaning all the windows, carpeting, cupboards and appliances. Wax the floors and polish all faucets.

- Last but not least. Now that we have taken care of the inside, lets stand outside the house and have a look. Does it have curb appeal? If not, lets work on getting it by mowing the grass, sweeping the driveway and trimming the bushes in your yard. If any part of the house needs some paint, it is worthwhile doing it.


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