Impress your Home Buyer!

So you want to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price? You obviously want to impress home buyers rather than discourage them.  Yet, that is exactly what some sellers innocently do by making the following mistakes.

  1. Paint colors - Remove crazy paint colors! While you may love lime green in the living room, it isn't the color a mainstream home buyer would necessarily appreciate.  Consider re-painting with tasteful neutrals prior to listing your home.
  2. Bad odours - There are smells from cigarette smoke, exotic cooking, pets and perfumes that you may have become accustomed to and you are just not aware of, however a home buyer will notice immediately. Eliminate those odours before showings, but without over powering your home with synthetic air fresheners. Try opening windows and baking cookies.
  3. Stains - Even the most well maintained home can have persistent stains on counter tops, walls, sinks and carpets. There are specialty cleaners on the market that can help. Get those stains out!
  4. Over stuffed storage space- Home buyers want spacious closets, drawers and other storage areas. Make sure that you remove clutter and give the impression of spaciousness. The home buyer wants to imagine their belongings in your house.
  5. You- It isn't personal, but home buyers can become uncomfortable by your presence during a showing. Let the Realtor do their job and be the host.

Want to know more tips for selling?  Call today, I am always happy to answer any of your Real Estate questions.

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