Is it worth it to list my home in winter?

In the fall, many people who really want to sell their homes decide to take their properties of the market in hopes that the "springtime effect" will bring them more buyers and a higher price come spring.  Unfortunately, this hope has not come true in the last few years, as spring has brought a flood of inventory to market that the demand is not capable of absorbing.  The last few spring seasons have disappointed a lot of sellers who have been hoping for the new season to bring a new face to the Kelowna real estate market.  If you really do want to sell your home, I encourage you to take advantage of the winter season to market your home.  Although the winter does not see as many total sales as the spring season, buyers that are looking in the winter have much less to choose from because of the limited level of inventory and competition. If you want to sell, don't bank on the "springtime effect".

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