Lakeshore road scheduled to open by end of month

Less than two weeks left until scheduled to open

With less than two weeks left until Lakeshore Road is scheduled to open, the construction site is seeing the final touches coming together.

“Bridge replacements can be particularly challenging, as there is only a short amount of time during the summer between spawning seasons when in-stream work can be done. But the project was scheduled as efficiently as possible to minimize inconvenience to businesses and residents,” said Purvez Irani, Roads, Drainage and Solid Waste Projects Manager. “We are excited to show the community the finished product.”

The $11-million investment in upgrades has closed this main recreational and commuter corridor since mid-May.

Residents can look forward to upgrades that were influenced by their input. During community consultations held during 2012, prior to design and construction of the corridor, the City heard a number of design objectives and delivered on them, including:

  • Aesthetic characteristics incorporated throughout the road corridor of a riparian nature to create a unique identity and sense of place due to its proximity to Okanagan Lake and the Mission Creek Greenway
  • Safe travel for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists with the addition of extra wide commuter bike lanes and off road pathway for recreational users and sidewalks for pedestrians.
  • Provide safe and continuous access to the Mission Creek Greenway
  • Protect sanctuary spaces in the area along the Mission Creek
  • Ensure efficient travel with the addition of roundabout at Lexington Drive and more formalized accesses to businesses
  • Provide upgrades to transit stops with the addition of shelters and benches between Cook and Lexington Drive

The Greenway trail turnaround will remain in place on the north side of Mission Creek while final site work is done around the Lakeshore Bridge. Due to cold weather conditions the final lift of asphalt will be completed in the spring along with minor landscaping if required.

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