Lower Mission Living

Now that our kids have left home, we have left the Lower Mission for a more urban lifestyle in downtown Kelowna.  I thought I would share some my favourite things about the Lower Mission.

The Schools-particularly the elementary schools were very good.  They had lots of activities that engaged both the students and the families.  There always was great cameraderie at the annual events like Family Fun Night.

H2O Centre and CNC-I remember when these two sites were empty fields and now, as I drive by, and see the full parking lots, I see the pent-up demand for the active lifestyle being met.  Kids, families, seniors coming and going all day long.  It was also a great place for our oldest son to get a job close to home.

It's flat-We had previously lived on a hill and our youngest son did not learn to ride a bike until we moved to "the flats".  This means the kids can ride easily to and from their friends' homes.  And it also means I don't need a truck to get my bike home!  And there is bus service so as the kids mature, they can gain more independence.

Great hiking-I loved hiking the Crawford Hills-it was quiet and offered an extraordinary view of the city.  Looking down at Lower Mission, it looked like a sea of trees-lovely!

Nice neighbours-The neighbourhoods have lots of long-term residents.  It is easy to share garden abundance, take care of each other's home when one family is away, casual conversations over the fence and while on walks around the neighbourhood.

All in all, it was a great place to raise kids and I would highly recommend the Lower Mission to families looking for a comfortable place to live.

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