Okanagan Sun Devils Rep Lacrosse Wins Another Weekend!

Great job to the Okanagan Sun Devil's U15 lacrosse stars! The Okanagan Sun Devils field lacrosse club roll into Wenatchee Washington for a great weekend of 5 games against teams from Wenatchee, Organ, Spokane and Kennewick Washing last weekend. The Canadian lacrosse players came ready to rock and hit the ground running and scoring fast. The American lacrosse fans were coming out to watch these Canadians as a lot had heard about us in Bellingham beating their senior teams. The boys did not disappoint. A great game with Wenatchee started back and fourth in points until the 2nd half when the Okanagan Sun Devils kept the peddle to the metal and Wenatchee couldn't keep the pace.


The program is growing fast with 2 top teams right now and a full year of games coming down the pipe!

Randy Reynolds Real Estate with Century 21 Assurance Realty in Kelowna is the man behind the madness. He has put together a great vehicle for the local kids to get exposure to the big US market. We want our players to go to University in Canada or the US and have attracted a lot of great tallent!


Watch for a lot of US high school games this coming year!

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