Pinot and Picasso

Just got home from Ladies Night sponsored by Trade Exchange Canada ( where we spent two hours at State of the Art Gallery (110-1295 Cannery Row), in the alley beside Prospera Place.

Wine and food were in ample supply while Fiona instructed us on a few techniques with acrylic.  We were off to the races with our pure white canvases becoming an array of colours and shapes and designs.  The finished products were amazing-one looked like the Milky Way on steroids, there was an stunning abstract city scape, one reminiscent of what a mammagram would look like, and yet another an abstract view of snorkling in Mexica....who knew?

If you are looking for a fun evening wth family or friends, give Pinot and Picasso a is part of the new "experience economy" and a great way to release the "inner you".

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