Preventative Home Maintenance

When you are a home owner, the expectations are that there will be some normal wear and tear including home improvements and repairs that need to be done.  For buyers who are considering purchasing a home, your home inspector will be able to provide you with all the information you need to know about the condition and age of the home before you buy it.

Did you know that not all insurance polices cover damage from lack of home maintenance?  Regular maintenance can protect you from costly damage and save you money over time.  However watch out  for over improving your home, while upgrading can add value, there is a limit to the potential return on your investment.

What is the life expectancy of building materials and components in your home? The quality of materials used to build a home will have a bearing on how long it will last.


  • Tile-  50+ years
  • Wood Shake- 30 years
  • Ashpalt shingles - 20 years


  • Vinyl- 75- 100 years
  • Wood- 100+ years
  • Stone- 100+ years
  • Carpet- 8- 10 years
  • Laminate- 15 - 25 years


  • Wood- 30+ years
  • Aluminum- 15 - 20 years


  • Water heater- 20 years
  • Furnace- 15- 20 years
  • A/C units- 10 - 15 years


  • Gas/electric range- 13- 15 years
  • Refrigerator-  13 years
  • Dryer- 13 years
  • Washer- 10 years
  • Dishwasher - 9 years

source: National Association of Home Builders


Extend the life of your home by maintaining a yearly maintenance checklist from cleaning your gutters on the roof to having your furnace serviced by a registered technician.  If you are planning to renovate your home, visit the Canadian Home Builders Association  for tips, worksheets and information on contractors in your area.

Preventative measures are generally inexpensive and are simple enough for most people to do themselves; keep on top of your seasonal home maintenance checklist and protect one of the biggest investment that you may have.

If you are interested to know what your home is worth in this marketplace, contact me for your free market analysis!



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