School's Out For Summer... Soon! Are You Ready?

     The last week of school has begun to creep up on us, as it seems to do every year. Kids are daydreaming, students are sweating over their last exams, and parents are prepping to find activities to engage the whole family in to keep everyone occupied. Whether you're living in West Kelowna, Kelowna, or any of the greater Okanagan areas, there are many different activities that occur seasonally to be involved in.

One of the most action packed and adventurous areas in the Okanagan is the Kettle Valley. You can hike the Myra Canyon Trestles along the incredibly scenic Kettle Valley Railway, which features 18 trestles bridges and two tunnels. It is a moderate climb, stretching about 12 km from end to end, making it a whole 24 km to make it back to the car. You and your family may choose to rent bikes from the Myra Canyon Bicycle Rental and Tours to enjoy the full canyon, or participate in one of the fully guided tours that are offered.

Another thing the Kettle Valley area has available are a number of stables, where you can go on guided horse tours along the Myra Canyon. These range from a minimum of a two hour trail climb, all the way to an entire day ride, which includes a stop at the top of the canyon to enjoy a picnic before your ride down.

Vernon has a skydiving course for the adrenaline junkie. Not only can you go skydiving there, you can also train to become a skydiving instructor as well. The package deal includes tandem skydiving, and is not for those faint at heart, with a 35 second free fall period, with a five minute parachute ride ensuing.

There are many other great things to check out this summer around the valley. Check out Okanagan Vacation Guide's "101 Fun Things to Do in the Okanagan BC" and start planning your summer vacation today!


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