Special Olympics receives no government funding !!

Did you know ? ...... Special Olympics is not just an event!!

As a parent of two athletes who "also happen to have an intellectual disability and qualify to participate in Special Olympic events. I am often asked " when are the next Special Olympics?

In Kelowna we currently have approximately 160 athletes registered and are running 15 sport programs every month of the year.  We currently operate on an annual budget of approx. $60,000.00 which comes mainly from fund raising and some donations. We receive no direct funding from any level of government.

Our competition cycle is every four years....athletes compete in year one at the regional level within their province.Year two they move onto provincial competition, year three is nationals and if successful at this level they move onto Worlds.

The Worlds summer games will be held in Athens Greece in 2011.

More information on Special Olympics in upcoming blogs. if you would like to get involved as a coach or volunteer, please feel free to contact me by e-mail either...jjmci@shaw.ca or  james.mcintyre@century21.ca

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