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Modern homes have become one of the most desired structural designs of the 21st century.

With the opportunity of working at Century 21 and the advantage of my friends all getting married and buying homes, I have become more aware of the kind of homes that we sell. A lot of my friends want something new, but not just new, they are looking for something fresh and modern. This excites me because not only do I enjoy the structural design of modern homes, but I also enjoy the idea of just making a home somewhere where I can unwind and be myself. With technology being a big part of our lives, modern homes have become the sole component to our daily lives.

    Modern homes give the flexibility to allow more comfort and luxury in one’s life. The practicality of having everything you can think of in your home to make your life easier is a huge factor when considering buying a home. For example, having a shower with water jets surrounding you and giving you a relaxing massage. Security and functionality is important in our lives. So, having a good security system in your home, the ability to conserve energy by having automated lights, and being able to have a hot shower while your laundry is in the middle of its washing cycle. All of these are important in considering in buying a home, especially for the younger generation.  

    We want a home where we can bring people together, we want practicality but of course we want a place where we enjoy staying and that we are proud of. We have the ability to design our homes the way we like with structural designs that we are given. Nothing feels better than having a home where you can put a little bit of you in it.

-Mariam Haidar

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