WestJet brings Kelowna residents closer to Las Vegas

To quote the famous Las Vegas entertainer Elvis Presley:"A little less conversation, a little more action please..."


Starting November 2,2010 for the next six months residents of the Okanagan will now be able to fly directly from Kelowna International Airport (YLW) to Las Vegas,NV on a bi-weekly basis.  WestJet will fly on Tuesdays departing mid afternoon from Kelowna,BC and arriving in Las Vegas,NV in the late afternoon.  The real beauty of these mid-day fllights is how it allows travelers numerous connections to other major US outbound flights. 

As an example, SouthWest Airlines alone has over 200 flights a day departing McCarran International Airport to cities everywhere within the continental US.  Conversely, these new direct flights will also allow US citizens to fly to the beautiful Okanagan and enjoy local ski resorts Big White and Silverstar.  At the end of the day this will become a win-win scenario for tourism on both sides of the 49th parallel.

So whether you need a quick Vegas getaway or are passing through on business, the options are there! 

Viva Las Vegas!!!


Jason Neumann

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