When selling your home, is appearance everything?

While a good first impression is important, appearance isn't the only sense that we need to focus on when selling your home.  The most common marketing and sales information provides advice on how to prepare your home to look beautiful visually, but what about the other senses?  While you cannot taste a home, lets not overlook hearing, smelling and touching.

  • Hearing -  Do you have creaks in the flooring, humming appliances or any other unsettling noises.  You may be accustomed to hearing these sounds, but potential buyers may see this as a annoyance or potential warning sign.
  • Smell-  When a buyer walks into your home, before they see anything they smell it.  Check for obvious sources of bad odour such as cigarette smoke, pets and garbage bins.  Scent does affect the atmosphere of a home  therefore eliminate any bad odours and be cautious not to over power the smell of your home with strong air fresheners that scream cover up!
  • Touch - Keep your counter tops, light switches, door handles and other surfaces clean and dust free.  If the potential buyers feels the need to clean their hands, that doesn't leave them with a great first impression.

If you want to sell your home quickly and for the best price, think about all the senses and create an atmosphere to make your home show its absolute best. Call today for more proven ideas!

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