When the home inspector visits


Typically a Home Inspector is contracted by the Buyer and s/he is coming soon!   The mandate of the Inspector is to examine the house and environs then to report back to s/he who contracted us (and to that person only).   As often said, the Home Inspector lets the “house speak”.  We report of the state of the house including both the good and not so good on that day.  A house sale is a big transaction for both parties – and we cannot let our biases enter.  After all, we do not know what the buyers thoughts and intentions are therefore we should not attempt to influence them – just inform!  Do not worry about dusting and vacuuming – we will not be here that long!

Some tips to ensure things go smoothly:
The home inspector is not your enemy

As suggested, a professional home inspector if not there to find fault with every tiny aspect of your home.  Just as you will have the same expectation of your Inspector if you choose to engage one in the purchase of your next home, our role is to offer the buyer a fair assessment of the property.
If you have documentation...

About the age of the roof, when the furnace was replaced or serviced, the age of appliances that are being sold with the home, the age and maintenance history of the septic system, and so on, provide a copy of it.  
Provide access...

to all parts of the house and garage as well as major systems of the home including electrical panels (required by law in most constituencies any way for safety reasons), The main water shutoff,  the furnace and hot water tank, and the attic entrance.  Be it a family pet, a sleeping family member, or the water or power is turned off and the home inspector cannot  complete some aspect of the inspection , that will be noted on the report and the buyer WILL question it. 

Your real estate agent will be familiar with the home inspection process and your home.  They will act as your representative.   The Home Inspector will advise you to the time the inspection will take and how long they will be there.  The Inspector need space to work.  To have the buyer follow the Inspector defending the integrity of the home will not likely work in your favour.
Make agreed-upon repairs promptly

The buyer may ask the inspector to inspect any repairs you agree to make as a result of the inspection. Delaying the repairs could delay the closing or worse yet, void the offer.
Guest post brought to you by Brian Wrightson, Canadian Residential Home Inspections Kelowna
For your home inspection needs contact Brian at criskelowna@shaw.ca or 250-808-7686


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