Winterize your Home NOW!

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The snow has fallen and the mad panic to get winter tires on has started and if you are part of the panic, you are probably kicking yourself for that “I’ll do it next week” mentality you had last week before it snowed!

Don’t worry, you will eventually get your winter tires, but in the mean time....

What about your house? Winterizing your house will save you outrageous bills and lots of dollars this season if you do it now before it starts getting too cold.

Here are a few things that you might want to consider doing to get your home ready for the holiday season:

  • If you have outside irrigation, make sure you have blown out all the hoses and cleared any water from outdoor tubes and places where it can pool, freeze and crack in undesired places.
  • Be sure to winterize your A/C and waterlines in all other places of the house as well.
  • Make sure to cut back any garden plants and growth so that your yard has a fresh start when the grounds start to thaw and the juices start flowing again.
  • Check your windows for any drafts that are sneaking into your home and fix them! Even if it is a temporary fix, it will likely save you big bucks on your winter heating bills.
  • Get your furnace tuned up and get those filters cleaned or changed if needed.
  • Run your fans in reverse to pull that hot air down through the room.
  • Turn down your water heater.
  • Set your thermostat a few degrees below what you think would be comfortable. You’d be amazed at what a light cardigan can handle!

Stay warm out there!

For all your real estate needs, questions, concerns, feel free to contact me any time this winter and spring. I am here to help!

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