Would You Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Home?

Would you be more inclined to buy a home if it had already passed a full home inspection and came with a one year warranty?

A new program to certify pre-owned homes has just been launched in the Central Okanagan.

The first of its kind program in B.C.is modeled after a certification concept popular in the used car industry and is used by sellers who pay for the inspection before they sell their properties.

The program involves a full home inspection prior to the home being put up for sale, which gives potential buyers full disclosure of their purchase.

On top of that, a certified home also comes with a one year warranty on everything that was inspected, from appliances to heating and plumbing to structural things like the roof and foundation.

“You go into a store and buy a radio and TV and you ask what kind of warranty, one or two years?” said Gil Carlson, who certifies pre-owned homes. “But there is no warranty on the biggest investment of your life, which could be scary.”

Brenda Carson of Kelowna is the first seller in B.C. to have her house listed as certified pre-owned.

“It just makes so much sense,” she said. “It is a win-win to me for buyers and sellers. We know up front what is good and bad about our house. We can fix things that need to be fixed and we can put our house out there in confidence.”

For buyers, a certified label means peace of mind knowing that they are buying a home in good standing conditions. For sellers, it could mean a quicker sale and potentially a more profitable one.

Sellers of most homes will pay just under $1,000 for the pre-listening inspection and warranty insurance.

The Carson family believes the fee is worth it.

“There were a few small things. We have dealt with them. The house is good to go,” Carson said.

The certified pre-owned home program will only operator in the Central Okanagan and will be used by Century 21 realtors.

Watch it on Global News: CHBC Okanagan | Would you buy a certified pre-owned home?

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