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Are you overwhelmed with all the listings in the Kelowna real estate market? Not sure which REALTOR® you can trust to find the perfect home for you? You've come to the right place. CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty has some of the best real estate agents in Kelowna. Our REALTORs® will answer any questions you may have while finding the right home in the right place at the right price. Whatever your needs, CENTURY 21 will help you fulfill them. Why should you choose CENTURY 21? While there are many reasons, here are some of our favorites:

  • We Share Your Values

The friendly real estate agents at CENTURY 21 are here to help you throughout the home buying process every step of the way. When you need to determine how much you can afford, what neighbourhood will work best for you and your family, and what factors are important when assessing the build and property, CENTURY 21 takes your goals and adopts them as their own. Most importantly, our experienced REALTOR’s® listen. They understand. When it comes to purchasing real estate, CENTURY 21 shares your values.


  • CENTURY 21 Gives Back

While the actual home buying process is an extremely important step, it’s what comes after that really makes CENTURY 21 a shining star in the real estate community. Once you’ve signed your papers, the agents at CENTURY 21 keep on giving back. If you need help moving from your old house to your new one, we’ll provide you with a Client Courtesy Moving Van at no charge besides gas! Plus, when you’ve made a purchase with CENTURY 21, you’re doing your part in helping charitable organizations throughout the city. From Big Brothers & Big Sisters to the John Howard Society, we love to give back to our community. 

When choosing to purchase a home, CENTURY 21 are the REALTOR’s® you can trust. A respected household name, CENTURY 21 exercises a high degree of professionalism, dependability and customer understanding. We’ll help you find a suitable home for you and your family in the Central Okanagan that meets your physical and financial requirements for home ownership. Our expert real estate agents share your values, give back to you and the community and offer extra perks. It really does pay to purchase your next home with CENTURY 21.

Ready to take the leap? Contact a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent from CENTURY 21 today. We’re excited to answer your questions – after all, your dream home is waiting.

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