Ideas to Save Space

Looking to secure more room in your home?


check out the Rolling Storage Drawers above from "the idea room"

Furniture ideas that Save Space!

We could all use a little more room in our homes, so it's always worth checking out the amazing space saving options available to homeowners today.  Some common clutter reducing options include closet organizers and kitchen cabinetry specially designed for storage, but there are so many new ideas available, too.

For example, the latest modern beds appear to be sitting on a solid box frame but are actually hiding plenty of storage space.  That space is easily accessible with a simple lever that raises the mattress - a much tidier solution than shoving boxes between the legs of a standard bed frame.  If switching out your entire bed frame isn't an option "the idea room" has a great DIY rolling storage drawer system to help kids keep their toys tidy and hidden away when not in use. 

If you're considering a sofa bed or a Murphy bed, imagine a set of bunk beds that are hidden within the framework of an ordinary-looking sofa or behind a wall unit.  How about a coffee table that expands into a dining room table, or a cube-shapped ottoman that hides seating for five?  With so many new space-saving furniture designs available, a casual search online could reveal possibilities you may never have imagined.


If your goal this year is to tackle clutter and organization within your home and you don't have the time nor energy? 


Check out our local professional organizers handy work below.... Donna from Simple Living  

She is able to take any room and create a space that is not only beautiful and organized but also easy to maintain.  Who else could make a garage look this amazing?  From home organization and wardrobes to planning for a move; she is able to be your consultant to provide you with tricks and tools for effective long term solutions to your clutter. Donna practices the KonMari method of organization and thrives on helping others to create a beautiful life and space with a focus on "owning less and experiencing more".  Visit Simple Living for an entire list of services she provides.

You may not be planning to move for a while, but may still be curious about what's happening in the local real estate market. Call us 250-300-4748 we are here to answer your questions!




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