Kelowna rent still high

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Kelowna remains the seventh most expensive Canadian city in which to rent an apartment.

Those are the findings from PadMapper, a company that analyzes rental data from hundreds of thousands of active listings across the country.

The median price of a one-bedroom apartment in Kelowna this month is $1,280, which is the same as it was in May but is up 12.3 per cent from June 2018. Prior to May, however, the median price was no cheaper than $1,300 in 2019.

The price of a two-bedroom flat is $1,700, which is down from the $1,720 mark in May but up 4.9 per cent from last year at this time. Until May, the median price of a two-bedroom pad in Kelowna was $1,680 or less in 2019.

Toronto, Vancouver and Burnaby continue to be the three most expensive Canadian cities in which to rent.

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