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Just like a good wardrobe, your home needs a few signature pieces that are timeless and multipurpose. When looking for multipurpose pieces keep things “NUTS” (Neutral, Useable, Timeless and Simple). Look for items that will blend in well and wouldn’t stand out too much if you changed the design of your home or moved into a new space. These following five pieces are essential to any home and will stand the test of time.


Keswick Stool

This cute and simple stool can be whatever you want it to be. From an extra seat or a spot to set down snacks, the stool will work however you need it to. It’s robust enough to withstand kitchens and it is water proof so it is a good piece to add to a bathroom as well. The curved silhouette contributes to its classic feel, while the cut-out circular motif helps to create space in a room.


Colby 2 Door Accent Chest

Plonk this chest down in any room and it will fit right in. This chest can be used in a bedroom, bathroom or living room. This piece has such a classic look that you could have it in your first house and pass it on to your grandchildren for their first home. We love this chest to store kid’s toys— LEGO has never looked classier— and it also makes mess disappear by just closing the doors!


Gail Etagere Bookcase

A bookcase can be so much more than a bookcase if you get a little creative! We are big fans of putting a bookcase in the kitchen to use for extra storage space. The shelves work well as an open concept storage unit for kitchen utensils and food. Say goodbye to digging around in the back of your cupboards to find ingredients.


Drifted Grey Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Perfect for the front entryway, mudroom, home office or even a bathroom. This piece has room for everything from mittens to schoolbooks in the cubbies, while the hooks provide storage for scarves, jackets, and tote bags. This piece also works great for towels in the bathroom. The added cubby space is perfect for storing toiletries as well.


Alastar Storage Ottoman

Ottoman’s have always been considered one of the most multipurpose pieces of furniture but this ottoman is in a league of its own. Flip the top over and on the reverse side there is a tray so you can set out drinks and snacks. It can work well as a bedside table, coffee table or simply just a place to put your legs up at the end of a day.


Buying furniture can be a headache, especially if you’re unsure exactly how you’ll be using a space. By choosing multi-functional pieces, you’ll almost guarantee that if it’s original purpose doesn’t work out, the piece will fit perfectly somewhere else.

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