A nip in the air

Unfortunately it looks like we're going to have winter again this year.  You would think we could skip one every now and then.  I maintain it will be difficult to convince a Maritimer that Global warming is a bad thing!!!

Although fall is definately here, our real estate market is staying fairly steady.  Lots of projects still on the go with the Casino on Mountain Rd., the new Courthouse downtown, the new track and field stadium at the University being just a few of the bigger projects. 

The CFL has confirmed that there will be a game in our new stadium which will get Metro football fans all excited.  The stadium is for the World Track and Field event that is coming next summer but I think we are going to see many spin off events coming as well.  All of these things help to grow our tourism dollars and keep the hotels and restaurants full. 

I will be speaking at the Entrepreneur Expo and Workshop being held at the Hotel Beau on Monday.  It is being coordinated by the Greater Moncton Immigration Board and is designed to help new comers prepare to buy or set up a new business.  I will be speaking on what they can expect from their REALTOR and why they should use one in the first place.  I'm glad to see this tyope of event taking place as it is another way we can keep the new comers we attract in Moncton rather than going to Toronto, etc.  We need more people in the area to give us the people to grow all these business opprtunities that are coming our way.

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