Market improves with the weather

We have received the Moncton Board stats and, as expected, they are a big improvement over March.  Number of sales for the month is up 11% over April 2010, the dollar volume is up 17%, which has put our year-to-date numbers into the positivies (finally) at 1%.  Average saleprice is now $169,754, up 0.5% over the same time in 2010.

Weather plays such a big role in our market for the first quarter of the year.  With all the snow we received in January and February, it was difficult to list properties, and no one wanted to go out anyway.  The magic time is the Moncton Home Show at the Colisium, which takes place in mid-March each year.  This gets people interested in moving, they see all the beautiful displays at the Home Show, and then they call their REALTOR(r).

Now is the time to put your home on the market.  Our inventory is still not up to par, especially in Riverview, the average days on the market is low, only 60 days in Riverview and just over 100 in Moncton, and there are buyers wanting buy. 

If you are thinking about selling please contact me anytime.  I would be pleased come come over and help you establish the market value of your home, and give you some ideas for selling your property. My coordinates are below:

Paul E. Burns, P.Eng.,REALTOR(r)

(c) 383-3740 


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