Message to Metro Moncton - stop listening to the News!!!!!!

Now that the news media has spent the last 6 weeks scaring the bejeebers out of everyone I want you all to take a deep breath and look around.  In general the area looks the same.  Bumper to bumper traffic going to Champlain Mall and don't even ask me about Costco on the weekend!  Car sales appear to be holding firm, retail is up.  The Greater Moncton Real Estate Board is off a little but the average mls price is still up over last year and it looks like we may have the SECOND best year in the Board's history.  This is after 6 record years in a row.  That's not really too shabby.

We have seen minimal job losses and the interest rates have stayed low.  So what has changed since August?  Nothing but our attitudes.  Yes, the rest of the world appears to be searching for a hand-basket to go to hell in, but here in the Maritimes, generally we are just fine thank-you-very-much.   However, if we all get nervous and stop spending our money, we will create, with the assistance of the news media, a self-fullfilling prophesy.  The sky will fall and we might as well eat our babies because they are going to  starve to death anyway.

Now, I know that people who have retired, or are looking to retire in the short term have to be nervous about their mutual funds and stock portfolio's.  Take heart, the TSE was up over 500 points today.  Didn't see that on the front page - did you?  If it had dropped 500 points I bet you would have.  So, enjoy life, it's a beautiful world out there.  Especially in our little corner of the Universe.

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