New Construction Fever

Around this time of year, many people get "the bug"...  Not the Asian flu or the latest strain of some disease your youngster brought home from school, but....... the new construction bug.  We see it happening all the time, often culminating in a frazzled person, eyes glazed over, walking up to us at the Home Show, or similar venue, house plans and books hanging off them, looking hopelessly confused.  It is sad to see, and frankly, not real pretty to look at!  Plus, it is so unnecessary!!

If you get the bug, you don't need to abuse yourself and your wallet by ordering house plan books and house plans and so on.  Come down here to Century 21, grab yourself one of our knowledgable staff and find out what you should do.  We are trained to help you identify what you need, how you work that into the home you want and where you should put a home like that.  We can help you find a reputable builder, and there are many in our area, and see that you get what you paid for.  It's also possible that what you want is all ready sitting out there waiting for you to buy it.  We know what's out there and how you can get it.  Our in-house mortgage broker will get you some cash to buy or build as well.

Give us a call - you'll be glad you did.  The coffee pot is on, and we are more fun than a flu shot.

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