Real Estate Market coming on strong

I have just received March's numbers and as we have been saying, as the weather warms up, so is the market.

The month of March was up 1% in volume over March 2008, and we are now only 13% lower on our year to date numbers - a gain of 8% fro the end of February so we are going in the right direction in a hurry!  It is also interesting to note that the prices have rebounded - great news for the vendors.  Out average mls price is currently $159,232 vs $160,317 at this time last year.

In yesterdays Times and Transcript there was an article by Brent Mazerolle about the Metro area becoming a tourist magnet.  It appears that a tourism consultant gave the City of Moncton staff some great news.  While the rest of the tourist industry, from Ontario east, saw occupancy rates drop 1%, here in Metro the revenues climbed 6% to $376,000,000, visitation was up 5%, room occupancy was up 6% - this in spite of a 25% increase in rooms available due to the opening of several new properties.  Among other things, Moncton's ability to host large events, and do a good job, has brought a large number of people to the area over the course of the year. A good example would be the Ford World's Men's Curling Championship being held this week end in Metro.  People from all over the world will be here and will like like come back to visit.  Two thumbs way up to all involved.

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