The Future continued

On April 4th, 2011 I posted about the Futures Project that CREA had launched and how interesting it was.  Well, over a year has passed and it continues to be interesting.

The leaders of Organized Real Estate (ORE) gathered again in Ottawa this spring to get the update on all the various "Futures" meetings that had been held across the country and to see where CREA felt this was all going to take us.  Here in the Maritimes, NBREA held a Futures session at our annual retreat - the first one outside of Ottawa - plus we reviewed it again in PEI at the summer Atlantic Council meetings.

So we were presented with and were asked to vote on a Roadmap to the Future.  There were some things that everyone liked, things that a lot of people didn't like and a bunch of things we could all live with.  When the two days of debating was done the roadmap was given the blessing of the group and a Task Force was struck to see how all of the recommendations could be put into practise.  This group will work  through the summer and early fall and will report back to the Fall Assembly of CREA in Winnipeg in  late October.

How will this effect the real estate experience for the consumer?  No one knows for certain yet, but some things are a given.  You will enjoy a better experience on  Everyone involved agreed that was a good platform to build upon, but that it needed changes and updates at a much faster pace than in the past.  If that didn't happen, sites like Zoocasa, Zillow and Truila were going to eat our lunch for us.

You should also see some changes in the REALTORs(r) that are working every day in the industry.  There may be quite a lot fewer REALTORs(r) around, but the ones who adapt will be tech-savy, and able to deal with all modern methods of using data to help their clients.  Century 21 has been spending a lot of effort on getting our associates up to speed - this blog is one of the results of that.  Our office holds training sessions over the course of the year to help our associates be all they can be.

There are some very exciting possibilities out there and they are going to happen.  It's not a matter of if, it's just a matter of how soon. I hope you enjoy them and we are always looking for ways to improve our service to our clients.  Any concerns you may have can be sent to me anytime.  We welcome feed back to help us grow.

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