The Future of Organized Real Estate - where will we be in 10 years?

Over 400 REALTORS ® met over the weekend at the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) AGM in Ottawa.  The majority were members of the various local and Provincial Real Estate Boards and Associations from across the country.  As 1st VP of NBREA, I attended along with the President.

The first day was tied up with the usual business meetings of an AGM but day 2 was very different from their usual program.  “Leadership Day” is typically a series of very good speakers, from various walks of life outside of Organized Real Estate (ORE), who are leaders and are willing to share their views on leadership.  For example, recently retired General Rick Hellier was one of the speakers last year.  These sessions are always interesting and can be great training for the future leaders in the room.

This year CREA did things a bit differently.  This year we worked on Scenario Planning about what ORE would look like in ten years.  Based upon what we felt consumers might be looking for in ten years, 4 scenarios were developed.  We were given a few days prior to the meeting and we were taken through a number of exercises related to this.

The morning started with 2 very thought provoking speakers; David Eaves and Stefan Swanpoel.  Both men are known for putting complacent people into uncomfortable positions and they both lived up to their billing.  They really set the tone for the rest of the day.

I really enjoyed these particular meetings since speculating on what might take place in the future has always fascinated me.  I guess that’s why science fiction has been one of my favourite styles of writing.  Anyway, a day working on strategizing about the future of real estate really appealed to me.

In today’s world, trying to predict what the world might be like in 6 months is becoming pretty hard.  Who would have thought that a street vendor setting himself on fire in Tunesia would have led to the downfall of the government in Egypt and a civil war in Libya?  All within 6 months.  Ten years is impossible but I applaud CREA for starting the discussion.  I look forward to its continuation.

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