Are you thinking about a career in real estate?

Or maybe you currently are a REALTOR® but are not finding your career growing like you had hoped. We may be able to help. Century 21 Countryside currently has a limited number of openings available for career minded individuals interested in becoming full time Real Estate professionals. We provide exceptional training to get your career launched, or relaunched, through exclusive Century21 marketing materials and training.

To that end we are very excited to announce that Kevin Stanley, Director of Knowledge and Learning for Century21 Canada, will be putting on a 4 hour seminar at our office on October 20th starting a 10:00 am. Kevin will be touching on the C21 systems as well as giving you valuable tips on building your real estate business. So whether your new, experienced or just thinking about getting into this fascinating business, there will be something for you to take away.

Please contact Paul Burns at 387-2121 during business hours or 383-3740 anytime to book your spot. Isn't it time you had a chance to live the life you really want? Come and find out what you have been missing. 

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