Fall Market is still good

Contrary to popular belief, we are still selling homes in Metro Moncton. In fact the year hasn't really been all that bad. GMRGM Board stats to the end of August reveal the following:

     *  Total number of sales, year to date: up 5%

     *   Total dollar volume, year to date: up 3%

     *   Our inventory sits at 14.83 months ( it was around 24 months Jan 1st of this year)

The good news is that Septemebr seems to be even better - at least around our office anyway.

One little blemish is that our average sale price is still down $5,952, which is 3.3%. So the market, while not being strong, is not a disaster. We still have a strong buyer market so sellers have to reflect this in their price. Listen to what your REALTOR® is saying to you. They are the professional and they understand these numbers. 

Remember there are only two reasons a house doesn't sell: under marketing and over pricing. If your Realtor ® shows you the on-line traffic for your home and there are 100's of views then the marketing is working. That only leaves price. The more the house stays above the market price, the longer it will take to find the one buyer willing to pay this amount. It's not complicated so don't make it so. 

Your Realtor® is your most valuable resource when selling your home. Use them. Pick their brain and use put their suggestions into practice. It will be worth your while.

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