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Are you frustrated and constantly lagging behind than other brokerage and listing portals when it comes to listings? If you are looking for an approach that will display your listings prominently with your contact information; keep reading for important pointers.

Frustration is not the solution to reach out to your prospective customers, online marketing is the best approach as it is a cost efficient method and is easy to follow.  Also this approach is easy to measure and new strategies can be implemented with a specific goal in mind.  

Plan: Always be prepared and plan ahead unlike other businesses weekends are not holidays for real estate these two days are the most productive days. Be sure if you think there are a few people interested in a property listing to organise an open house as these will help you bag productive leads.

Tweet : Twitter is a powerful tool than you think new listings will show up quickly if you tweet about them or if they have been a part of any conversations. Don’t seem to market your listings yet briefly convey the message tactically don’t forget to mention how unique the property is location and price if you think it is appropriate to share. It is always recommended to repeat posts especially on weekends as this is the time prospective buyers are on the look and you can cast the hook.

Google: Apart from an excellent search engine Google Plus unbeatable in today’s tech savvy world is an excellent tool which scales various algorithms to help you be searchable. If you want to out grow your competitor and be the first to share a lucrative listing share the facts as promptly as possible using Google.

Do let us know your feedback? Feel free to share your comments or suggestions. While you’re here, don’t forget to view homes for sale and new listings on Century21President  

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