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In real estate everything is all about “seeing is believing” which is the reason a few homes are quick sales and others take a while; until all the major nooks are fixed wisely with a little investment or DIY manuals if you are on tight budget and the property is a flip.

To beautify a home among the many real estate trends “Staging” is most popular as it takes the least efforts and can be restricted to a limited budget. In the process of staging you can decide to make additions to existing property, paint or add decor pieces like furniture or paintings to add charm to a dull property.  

Buyers: Staging also helps prospective buyers to envision their lives which helps them to connect with the property and thus increases the chances to fall in love at first sight and make the buying decision easy.

Sellers: Although it may demand little time and resources yet is one of the those tasks which makes every seller content as staging increase the chance to speed up the buying process. Sellers also get a chance to add that one unique element to the house which will persuade the buyer and instantly charm.

However there are five important things that should be followed always which are often ignored to successfully stage a house.  The pointers below are crucial as the entire process of staging is all about creating the right hook to grab the attention of the buyer to persuade them to buy.

  1. Advice: Every seller thinks they have lived long enough in the house and can list a few must to changes and get the ball rolling. It’s not as simple as it seems so although it may be a little expensive rather than going overboard choose a staging consultant. The consultation should range from $200-$500 depending on the size of the house and remember that is not the final step it is just the beginning.

  2. Arrangement: Being organised is the key more than anything as often we all gauge and make a perception specifically about a house from distance. Keep it simple yet add the wow factor for the eyes with fancy door knobs, curtains or simply a creative painting.

  3. Lighting : A well lit room bags more attention than anything, so remember although you are selling the property to install bulbs that will welcome the prospective buyers and instantly charm them.

  4. Colours : I know we all like the loud colours, don’t get creative while staging keep the approach simple and pair the furniture in the room with a contrasting colour scheme. Painting can say it out loudly to the prospective buyer think twice the house is ready to move and saves the cost of painting too.

  5. Furniture : Sometimes this can be one of the many turn offs. If you have old furniture that does not belong be sure to make some wise choices. If you have a dining table be sure to pair a few chairs along or if there is a  dresser don’t forget to pair a few side tables.

According to a recently conducted real estate study  a staged home has more than 20 percent chances to be sold quickly and can easily fetch twice more than the asking price. If you are looking to sell soon staging can prove a saviour for you.

Do let me know your feedback? Feel free to share your comments or suggestions. While you’re here, don’t forget to view homes for sale and new listings on Century21President  

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