Things to do in and Around Your Home During the Month of May

Nothing rejuvenates your home and your spirit like the arrival of spring. As colour and warmth begin to seep back intoyour life, here are things to do (inside and outside your home) to celebrate spring and the summer months.

  1. Get your grill on: the central source of summer entertaining is to make sure your grill is in good working order. Scrub down internal tracks and change lava rocks that may be lingering from last season.
  2. Fresh flower arranging: think of creative ways to arrange your flowers in unique containers, mix unexpected elements and play with texture and colour to give your arrangements unconventional flair.
  3. Set out your outdoor furniture: arrange your outdoor furniture as you would your indoor furniture—essentially turning your porch or deck into a second living room. Establish a space for eating, group conversation and a more intimate nook for enjoying an after dinner drink or reading.
  4. Repaint trim and doors: high-traffic use of doors and abuse of baseboards can leave a space looking worn. A quick coat or two of paint on trims and interior doors can refresh your home. Choose a shade darker or lighter than what you currently have to introduce a new contrast with an existing wall colour.
  5. Service your air conditioner: central air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and without regular service, your air conditioner’s efficiency can fall by as much as half. Call for servicing now before the temperature spikes, demand for service increases and the cost of a house call goes up.
  6.  Update your outdoor hardware: with an increased focus on the outside of your home during the spring and summer months, take a look at the state of your outdoor hardware. Door handles, knockers, house numbers and even the mailbox take a beating from the elements and, if they’ve been present for a decade or more are probably in need of an update.
  7.  Add a splash of colour to your deck: wood-stains aren’t just for preservation purposes. Available colours now go beyond shades of brown and can be used to extend the indoor colour palette of your home. Whether you choose classic blues or greens or bolder colours, proper application is key. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions to produce a long lasting stain.
  8. Plant window boxes: whether you live in a house or apartment, window boxes make maximum impact on annual flowers. Most plants grow happily in well draining containers—try petunias, nasturtiums, zinnias, phlox, and verbena. Space plants to give them sufficient room to grow, but also ensure that your container will look full and lush.


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