You Do Yoga & you will Achieve

Yog - is not merely a system of physical exercises but a complete way of life. "To join" or Unite" with ultimate reality, concentration of mind, by observing the physical and mental disciplines and doing exercises.

More and more people today are choosing to take greater responsiblity for their own health, rather than relying on a doctor to step in with a cure when somehing goes wrong. We have now recognized that improvement if life style, a better diet regular exercise and reduced strees influence our health to a great extent. people are also becoming increasingly aware that there are may other alternative healing methods-some are new, other very ancient - that can help prevent illness and can be used as a complement to allopathic medicine.

Yog-Philosophy and practice will help you to make your own health choices by giving you clear, comprehensive, straight-forwart and encouraging information and advice about metnods of improving your health.

How to overcome obstacles of life by Yog and how to remain in best of health for 100 Years?

Yoga is the foundaton of disease-free living and a complete medical science. In fact Yoga is a way of life. We welcome you to join us in the practice of yog and we assure it will help you to over come your limitation, cross your obstacles and by doing so you will need little care and support.

FREE PRANAYAM & YOG CLASSES in GTA  Please email me at:  or     for more infoamation.

Rajendra M. Sagar

Yoga Teacher, Patanjili Yog Peeth Canada

"GOOD HEALTH IS HUMATIT'S BIRTH RIGHT"  h.h. Swami Ramdevji Maharaj


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